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Welcome to Core Naturopathics

At the pinnacle of Natural Healthcare practice in Australia, our practitioners are specialists in managing chronic disease and experts in identifying and overcoming the blocks preventing your return to health.

Located an hour South of Sydney in the beautiful Illawarra region, Core Naturopathics provides a relaxing beach-side clinic destination for a comprehensive suite of Naturopathic health treatments.

With global influence, the directors at Core have designed a unique system of care, utilising key supportive therapies in a very specific, targeted and sequenced manner to assist your body in its capacity for cell regulation and self repair.

From functional biochemical screening, food sensitivity testing and the best natural remedies, through to innovative technologies like hyperbaric oxygen, hyperthermia and electromagnetic pulse technology. Core Naturopathics provides guidance, structure and resources in your pursuit of health and well-being.

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Clinical Naturopathy

Our practitioners monitor, support and guide you in understanding your illness from a holistic or functional perspective – what’s gone wrong and what can be done to set things right.

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Chronic Disease Care

We specialise in complementary and adjunct care, management and support for serious health challenges like cancer, autism, auto-immune and other chronic disease conditions.

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Core Body Works

CORE’s team of body workers include: Oestopathy, Kinesiology and Remedial Massage therapies (including Trigger Point, Myofascial Release and Cupping).

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Athletes Edge Hub

Introducing next generation performance, recovery and rehab technologies to restore and enliven – giving you the edge whether for work, rest or play.

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    Core Care

    CORE therapy is designed to promote the body’s self- healing and recovery capacity, placing you in the best position to get back to balance and living life to your potential.

    CORE practitioners view your illness as a reflection of the loss of balance (homeostasis) or adaptive capacity in your system. And while often not your ‘fault’, illness and its symptoms are the logical end result when overwhelmed by the challenges, demands and influences of modern life.

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    Specialty Areas

    Over the years our practitioners have built up interest and experience in adjunct and complementary care in a number of specialty areas including cancer, autism, cognitive health, vector born illnesses, menopause and care of elite athletes.

    For more information please use the ‘search’ bar on our blog page.

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    We Are Here To Help!

    Please don’t hesitate to get in contact – we love to chat all things health!

    Our team are more than happy to help you navigate, traverse and prioritise options for your healing journey where you may have become lost or bogged down.

    Call or email today for a free 15 min discovery consultation or to arrange a time to stop by, meet the team and take a look around. 02 4283 1200