Core Body Works

A holistic approach to health care must take into account the absolute connection between the structure of the body, our state of mind, the environment in which we live and how we care and nurture ourselves and others


Using Neural Organization N.O.T and techniques for example in the area of “Primitive Reflexes”, Kinesiology is able to drain, nourish, connect and energise communication pathways to restore the body’s energy and equilibrium.

Therapeutic Massage

Touch increases blood flow and oxygen to the body’s soft tissue. Pressure upon, and the stretching of muscle fibres trapped in continuous contraction or spasm, releases trigger points, relieves proximate and referred pain and returns the body to relaxation.

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Our Approach

Our Body Works specialists treat problems and relieve pain that originates in the spine, joints and across the whole body, with soft tissue massage and gentle spinal and peripheral joint manipulation, to get your body moving smoothly again.