Clinical Naturopathy

Providing you the opportunity to feel empowered.

Holistic Health Assessment

Our signature program has been designed to give you the confidence and clarity to achieve your optimal health while also providing the structure that is required for consistent results.

Standard Naturopathic Appointment

Our Standard Naturopathic Consult focuses on one particular area of concern and we choose one test to measure that specific area.

Chronic Disease

The provision of the most ‘up to date’ facilities, specialised testing equipment, and quality natural medicines, allows for best possible health outcomes when dealing with significant and challenging conditions.

In-House Testing

We have specifically designed and structured your consultations to provide optimal benefits to your health so you see the greatest changes in the shortest possible time frames.

Adaption Lab

Holistic assessment of human physiology via VO2 max testing; directing personalized adaptive strategies, nutrition and training programs.

IV Infusions

You do not need to have a health condition to benefit from IV therapy – you may simply be feeling run down or want to glow! Achieve blood concentrations of vitamins and nutrients not obtainable with oral vitamins.

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Our Approach

We have chosen specific tests, therapies and equipment to assist in rebuilding the foundations of your health where they have become undermined. Providing you a structured and coordinated service that targets:

  • energy production
  • cellular communication
  • immune regulation
  • circulation and
  • detoxification capacity

The keys needed to unlock your healing potential.

Our practitioners assist you in understanding your illness from a holistic perspective; while monitoring, supporting and guiding you through the minefield that accessing complementary healthcare can be.

Helping to prioritise treatment options, we seek to provide you the opportunity to feel empowered and hopeful when considering the necessary time, money and effort required for your health journey.