Chronic Disease Care

Specialist natural complementary and adjunct therapies for Cancer and other chronic health conditions

Our Approach

Our chronic disease care program (Better Health Management) is a unique health management system developed by the directors of Core Naturopathics. It has been designed for those looking to supplement conventional approaches to chronic health challenges with Naturopathic methodology.

It has evolved over time in response to the growth in individual’s desire to play a greater role in managing their own healing journey. These individuals seeing Naturopathic health services as a viable, effective and necessary part of their health  strategy.

The support program offers a consistent path of learning and treatment through:

  • one-to-one support
  • client-focused management
  • testing
  • protocols
  • education and
  • hands on learning.

We work directly with you and your particular circumstances with flexible scheduling including residential multi-day or week programs.

We provide coordinated pre and post care for those seeking treatment at international clinics.

If you are choosing a holistic element to complement your health plan, then this program will reduce your confusion and sense of isolation by guiding you through the most appropriate treatment options, provid real support and optimize your time, effort and money.

Inquire today for further details on our unique life affirming therapeutic program.