We base our clinic’s services on the five elements that sustain life – water, air, food, sunlight  and the fifth element of electromagnetic frequencies (PEMF). These elements allow a healing momentum to arise and thus enable the body to return to homeostasis or a perfect balance.

We apply methods that have been used by Naturopaths for centuries – just with a very modern twist.

Our Approach

The originators of Core Naturopathics see the future of health care based around a preventative or wellness model. People will proactively seek options, make choices and strategise for the prevention and treatment of their dis-ease.

Our approach provides the resources for you to adapt more effectively and therefore return to homeostasis and a state of self-regulation. Our clinic supports individuals by providing the resources, management and skills required to independently resolve this natural process.  Our ‘deceptively simple’ approach is to build and ensure a healing surplus of energy. Each system within the clinic is directly supportive of each other, which induces a “telescopic-like” response – as you extend the telescope you are able to see further.

All recommendations and therapies at the clinic are based on measuring the governing control mechanisms of health:

  • Are the right switches being turned on or off?
  • Is the signal getting through?
  • Is your system overburdened, blocked or lacking in some way?


Our Team of Practitioners

Brett O’Brien (Director)


Darren Sassall (Director)

Naturopath, Sport Scientist

Bernard Carson


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Michael Degnen

Personal Trainer, Developmental Coach, Biohacking Guide


Erin Sonnier

Massage Therapist


T’Keyah Snell

Reception, Naturopathic Student

ProfessionalNaturopathic Medicine

A system of care whose focus is on health maintenance and its regulation, rather than one focused on disease and the use of medications to suppress its symptoms.

PerfectionOptimal Health

The next ‘big leap’ in the field of healthcare will not come from any new device or discovery but from the broad adoption of traditional approaches that support the body’s self-healing ability and capacity for adaptation.

PredictionThe Future of Medicine

The directors see the future of health care based around a preventative or wellness model where people will proactively seek options, make choices and strategize for the prevention and treatment of chronic illness.