Our practitioners are able to assess, treat and guide you on your journey back to health. We seek to provide you with choices & the knowledge to make informed health decisions.

Leaders in their individual fields, our expert team support you with decades of clinical knowledge and experience. As a group of colleagues they are able to work together for you when required to holistically achieve the best outcomes.

Anchored firmly in traditional Naturopathic principles, our practitioners endeavour to identify the ‘drivers’ of your disease process, remove blocks to normal function and create a strategy for supporting the body’s inherent capacity for self-healing.

Our Story

  1. Worthy of Sharing

    In telling our story we hope to remind, demonstrate and reinforce the worth and efficacy of the Naturopathic traditional system of care. It’s a great story and worthy of sharing!

  2. Grand Strategy

    At Core we have always envisaged a ‘grand’ strategy as to how we wanted to help people. From the clinics inception our goal was to provide for our clients the most up to date and efficient healing system available to us.

  3. Clinic Concept

    The clinic concept began with a conversation that identified the need for better health management of chronic disease, recognising the fact that mainstream systems had failed to understand how to effectively manage those with chronic illness or how to monitor ‘healthy’ people, too reduce their risk of developing it.

  4. New Paradigm Wellness

    The outcome was the development of a new paradigm wellness system based around the body’s capacity to maintain balance (homeostasis) or health.

  5. Better Health Outcomes

    As Natural Healthcare Practitioners, our great potential is not in our equipment, ‘healing hands’, herbal medicines or proprietary supplements. It is our experience, know-how and the way we think that sets us apart and defines our profession.

Our Approach

  • Our ‘deceptively simple’ approach is to build and ensure a healing surplus of energy – you can trace any disease to a disruption of cellular oxygen delivery, energy production and DNA expression.
  • All recommendations and therapies at the clinic are based on measuring the governing control mechanisms of health. Are the right switches being turned on or off? Is the signal getting through? Is your system overburdened, blocked or lacking in some way?
  • In practice this means ensuring the foundations of good health are addressed. Things like the capacity for transport and exchange, pH levels, hydration, circulation, energy production, detoxification capacity and immune function.
  • This is when you can graduate to a deeper sense that illness is purposeful, that the body recalibrates through fever, has its own mechanisms to deal with inflammation, oxidative stress and toxins, and that when we recognise the body’s innate wisdom – healing can take place.

Meet the DirectorsWho’s behind the scenes?

Brett O’Brien
Naturopath, Entrepreneur
Darren J Sassall
Naturopath, Sports Scientist

ProfessionalNaturopathic Medicine

A system of care whose focus is on health maintenance and its regulation, rather than one focused on disease and the use of medications to suppress its symptoms.

PerfectionOptimal Health

The next ‘big leap’ in the field of healthcare will not come from any new device or discovery but from the broad adoption of traditional approaches that support the body’s self-healing ability and capacity for adaptation.

PredictionThe Future of Medicine

The directors see the future of health care based around a preventative or wellness model where people will proactively seek options, make choices and strategize for the prevention and treatment of chronic illness.