Holistic Health Assessment

Your journey with us revolves around regulation and nourishment, with a focus on root causes and therapies targeted to assist in restoring balance.

Our Approach

Our approach provides you with a structured and coordinated health management strategy. Focusing on the keys needed to unlock your healing potential targeting:

  • energy production
  • cellular communication
  • immune regulation
  • circulation
  • detoxification capacities and
  • nutritional status

Our Holistic Health strategy seeks to provide you the opportunity to feel:

  • empowered about your health
  • a greater capacity to navigate your own health
  • you have measurable outcomes
  • confident in having an achievable strategy and
  • knowing that you have a great team of professional supporters.

Our practitioners assist you in understanding your illness from a holistic perspective while monitoring, supporting and guiding you through the minefield that managing your health can be.

Initial Consultation (one hour) starts with information gathering and a selection of ‘in house’ tests to provide a base-line biochemical mapping of your current health status. We value this information as essential for identifying and measuring that which may be blocking optimal health.

Follow Up Consultation (one hour) focuses on your management strategy – how do we construct your road map and what resources do we need to bring on board to get there. We are able to recommend:

  • specific herbs and nutrients
  • dietary changes
  • physical therapies
  • further tests or referral if required
  • equipment to assist in rebuilding

Nutritionist and Lifestyle Coach (half hour) As part of a holistic approach to your health we recognise the importance of good nutrition and effective lifestyle choices. That is why we also include additional support through our coaching system. This service is part of your Holistic Health Assessment at no additional pricing.