Adaption Lab

Holistic assessment of human physiology directing personalized adaptive strategies, nutrition and training programs.

VO2 Max Breath Analysis

Central to the suite of offerings in our Adaption Lab, metabolic testing (also known as VO2 max or cardio-pulmonary analysis) measures your active metabolic rate through a device measuring breath.

VO2 Max Breath Analysis measures an array of metabolic factors which support your capacity to improve vitality, aging, weight loss and performance.

Based on 1000+ peer reviewed publications, independently validated and with clinical-grade accuracy, VO2 Max testing (by PNOE) is the gold standard in quantifying anti-aging and biological age according to the American Heart Association.

The test analyses 23 biomarkers critical to all biological systems including cells, heart, lungs, nervous system and brain. PNOĒ also addresses key supporting factors associated with nutritional and lifestyle markers that impact your metabolic potential.

Our Metabolic Program has three options:

  • Precision Analysis –  test results and report.
  • Precision Nutrition – test results and report, plus analysis and a nutritional consult with a PNOE metabolic expert.
  • Precision Performance – test results with analysis and nutritional consult, plus access to a PNOE metabolic health coach with full personal wear integration.

Having a variety of options allows you to personalise the best option for your needs. You can have a simple test with a discussion of the results to a fully immersive experience with a health coach, integrating your smart technology.

The benefit of testing is the capacity to measure your individual markers that are specific to you. That way we can design a program with your unique fingerprint creating a targeted approach and focused care.

This allows us to determine which supporting therapy best suits your needs:  Hyperbaric or ReOxy? HOCATT or IMRS? PEMF or NANO VI? G-Force or IV drip? Or indeed a therapeutic ‘stack’ of combined therapies. Without this fingerprint you are limited to a general perspective representing a mass population which dismisses your particular needs.

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