PEMF Therapies

PEMF machines work in conjunction with the body’s own recovery processes to relieve pain by restoring the cells ability to function efficiently

Time to rethink Health and Wellness!

IMRS Mat – Regulate Autonomic Nervous System

You will feel a gentle warmth deep within as the infrared waves penetrate your body.  The pulsed electromagnetic frequency (PEMF) waves will also do deep work on your system.

Main Benefits:

  • Improve sleep, increase energy, lower stress response, improved mood, less brain fog, reduced pain, increased circulation, anti-inflammatory, promotes bone/wound healing
  • Re-set your nervous system so you are less likely to be in “fight or flight” and you can spend more time in “rest and relax”
  • Shift nervous system response to past trauma – like the benefits of deep meditation, without the meditation!

Whilst on the mat, your heart rate variability (HRV) is calculated, as well as a number of other health parameters from a sensor placed on your finger.  Using a specialized software program, we assess the data to gather information about your stress index and nervous system function.  This is interesting to monitor over time and the goal is that we see the body return to baseline (a healthy state of balance) with consistent and repeated use of the IMRS mat.

So if stress, poor sleep, mood issues, brain fog, past trauma or any form of nervous system imbalance is an obstacle for you being your best self right now, call up Core today and book an appointment to try the IMRS mat.

PEMT 120 – Optimise Cellular Charge And Exchange

In simple terms PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic frequencies) support the body’s own capacity to naturally find balance, retraining the body in how to remove the road blocks to effectively heal and recover.

In more complex terms, at the molecular level an external electromagnetic pulse gives valence electrons a ‘shove’ intensifying their action which enhances and improves molecular reactions. As a result, cells can produce more energy enabling better function and a higher capacity to repair.

PEMF is able to support any change that the body believes it is struggling to provide a healing environment for including:
• pain reduction
• increased wound healing
• improved digestive function
• improved blood circulation
• better relaxation and improved sleep patterns
• breakthroughs in healing crisis

And these are only some of the short term results we have seen in the clinic.

Internationally, the PMT120 device we utilise is renowned for repair of non-union bone fractures, uterine prolapses, regulation of cellular environment in cancer sufferers and rapid recovery of soft tissue injury, strains and sprains.