Hypervibe G-Force

Whole Body Vibration using the Hypervibe can stimulate the body in a variety of unique and beneficial ways not possible with other forms of exercise

How to Hack Your Own Neuromuscular System…

Our hypervibe equipment provides g-force by employing downward and upward acceleration against gravity while standing. The force generated is so great that soft-walled object (your cells) will morph to try and compensate for the varying forces that it is exposed to, driving fluids in and out of the cell and the cell itself is able to efficiently detoxify and then take up additional nutrients.

Given this heightened cellular function the nervous system benefits as well as every muscle in the body is activated, reflex pathways are awakened, strength is promoted, hormones are excreted, oxygenation occurs and circulation is enhanced.

Performance and Recovery Potential

In 1999 the late Professor Carmelo Bosco tested the hormonal responses to a vibration training technique he had developed to maximise muscle stimulation while minimising fatigue.

The 1-minute protocol went like this:
1. < 1-minute of vibration + 1-minute of rest > x 5
2. 5-minute rest
3. < 1-minute of vibration + 1-minute of rest > x 5

The vibration component was performed while standing still on a vibration machine in a partial squat with the machine set to produce 11 G of G-force (11 times Earth’s Gravity). The results were interesting to say the least:

Muscle Power increased by 20%
Cortisol Levels decreased by 32%
Testosterone Levels increased by 7%
Growth Hormone Levels increased by a whopping 360%!

Why is this outcome so impressive? The level of Growth Hormone secreted in response to the vibration training was approximately equal to what you would get from 30 minutes of running at 86% maximum intensity!