Athletes Edge

Train harder | Recover Faster | Reach Your Goals Sooner

No longer reserved for the sporting elite, our global technologies are now available for your personal use.

Whether returning from surgery, getting rid of nagging pain, preparing for your next event or just recovering from your last workout; Core’s ‘athlete-centered’ approach gets you back quicker and at a higher level than before.

Remember, it’s the athlete who recovers best wins – not the athlete who trains the hardest!

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Exceed your goals by:
Measurably enhancing your performance and recovery capacity
Enabling greater endurance and stamina
Reducing physical and emotional stress
Reducing muscle spasms and pain
Strengthening and rebuilding joints
Increasing energy production
Breaking down lactic acid and excess adrenaline in your muscles
Reducing swelling and inflammation

By harnessing your body’s capacity to heal and self regulate, further benefits include:
Increasing the oxygen, nutrient, hormone and enzyme supply to areas of need
Improving sleep, digestive, lymphatic and detoxification capacity
Enhancing mental clarity and concentration
Regulating immune function
Enlivening libido and sexual performance
Promoting great skin tone and helping to prevent stretch marks and varicose veins
Prolonging your career slowing the aging process through preventative measures

Want to find out what you are really capable of? You need the ‘Edge’!
Based on over 25 years of Sports Science and Naturopathic experience, our Athlete’s Edge Program measures, tracks, supports, body ‘hacks’, supplements, and provides meal plans to your individual needs. Right down to your genetic blueprint highlighting your strengths and weaknesses and how to respond for best outcomes, no stone is left unturned.