Health comes naturally to a body in balance


Our practitioners monitor, support and guide you in understanding your illness from a holistic perspective.

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Chronic Disease Care

Chronic dis-ease is most often the hardest health hurdle to effectively manage, understand and navigate.

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Core Body Works

CORE’s team of body workers include: Oestopathy, kinesiology and massage therapies.

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We recognise nutrition as an integral part of your wellness journey and is essential for optimal health.

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Welcome to Core Naturopathics

At the pinnacle of Natural Healthcare practice in Australia, our practitioners and support staff are passionate and committed to providing you exemplary service in a clinical environment designed to encourage best possible health outcomes.

Located an hour South of Sydney on the East coast of Australia, Core Naturopathics provides a relaxing beach-side clinic destination for a comprehensive suite of Naturopathic health treatments.

From food sensitivity testing and remedial massage, through to innovative technologies like hyperbaric oxygen, hyperthermia and electromagnetic pulse technology. Core Naturopathics provides guidance, structure and resources in your pursuit of health and well-being.

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    Core Care

    CORE therapy is designed to promote the body’s self- healing and recovery capacity, placing you in the best position to get back to balance and living life to your potential.

    CORE practitioners view your illness as a reflection of the loss of balance (homeostasis) or adaptive capacity in your system. And while often not your ‘fault’, illness and its symptoms are the logical end result when overwhelmed by the challenges, demands and influences of modern life.

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    Specialty Areas

    Over the years our practitioners have built up interest and experience in adjunct and complementary care in a number of specialty areas including cancer, autism, tic born illness, menopause and care of elite athletes.

    For more information please use the ‘search’ bar on our blog page and also see the Ebook page.

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    Please email us for information on our approach to your selected topic:

    • Autism Spectrum Disorder
    • Cancer
    • Tic-borne disease
    • The Athlete’s Edge
    • Better Health Management of Chronic Disease